At Last, An Expert Tech Copywriter, Who Wrote Copy for Fortune 500 Companies, Reveals...

3 Tested Tips To...

Scale Content Marketing

How Top Tech Marketers Receive Quality Traffic; Proven To Reap Recurring Revenue for Years…

Fellow Marketer:

You’re a busy person. So I’ll get straight to the point:

There are 3 Tested Tips to Scale Content Marketing...


I discovered these tips after working for several digital marketing agencies . We had a team of content writers, content strategists, and SEOs, all working after hours.

For years, we TESTED almost every tactic known to Internet Marketers.

However, we got very little results, for so much effort. Because we set our efforts on...


I went ahead and consulted over 30 clients during the pandemic, and 90% of them, COULD NOT get a descent Return On their AD Spend. It looks like “we were all in this together.”
While others got brand awareness, most of them couldn't get the sale.

And No Sale sale means No Business.

A New Foundation

And that’s why you need a "new foundation" to get you a loyal base of customers.

(The old foundation gets you weak traffic while the new foundation actually gets you recurring sales!)

I used my 5-year agency experience to make...

The Content Marketing EquationTM 

This equation, overcomes almost all content marketing challenges.
In Chapter Two, for example, I'll teach you how to ramp up your content marketing score to 120%. Like a flash... 
You’ll know whether you’re up for success
The Content Marketing Equation, acts like a beehive, with each element gathering "honey" on your behalf. 

In fact: A certain founder has been using this beehive strategy for 8 years. Generating a recurring revenue of $8 M, year after year Page 13.

That’s not all, I explain “The Fortune 500 Way” of writing articles.

You’ll have simple internal guidelines on How to receive quality traffic, which actually leads to conversions.

Let Me Explain:

The 3 Tested Tips To Scale Content Marketing

TESTED TIP #1: Traffic

INSIDE! We reveal…        

  • Secrets From A Top Tech Marketer On How To Promote Your Content, And Get Where Your Qualified Customers Are, Without A Big Budget.
  • Over 30 Expert Interviews Reveal Why New Websites Can Manage To Outrank Established Websites - Even If You Don't Publish 3 Times A Week.
  • 5 Ways To Find What People Search Online - With 97% Accuracy.
  • How To Do Keyword Research - Using Google Trends To Filter Keywords With The Most Traffic Potential.
  • 11 Types Of Content, Proven To Generate Engagement, Likes, And Shares.                    PLUS: You Don’t Have To Be A Master In Execution.
  • Lessons From A SAAS Company, (Now Over $1Bn In Valuation.) Reveal How To Create Traction, Be Valuable - by helping people make money - Regardless Of Your Niche or Product.
  • How We Used To Increase Website Authority And Rank Number One On Google, Without A Big Budget. And We're Still Ranking Consistently For Companies In Tech Niches.
  • 10 Ways Top Tech Content Marketers Use To Receive Quality Traffic, Proven To Reap Recurring Revenue For Years. Page 43
  • PLUS much much more...

TESTED TIP #2: Trust

The book reveals...

  • Using The Principle of "Reverse Promise Fulfillment" Guru LwangaTM To Make Your Customers Trust You As A Go-To Person for Life!
  • The Father of Scientific Advertising, The Legendary Claude Hopkins Himself, Reveals A Simple Way To Sell A Product. And It's Not AIDA.
  • You’ll Build Instant Credibility - With A Simple Hack Stolen From The Bible - Page 17
  • How To Get "Celebrity-Like Endorsement" Without Paying Astronomical Fees…Page 22
  • You’ll Discover The Easiest, Quickest Way To Make A Persuasive Case Study…In 4 Simple Steps.

TESTED TIP #3: Conversions

INSIDE! We reveal… 

  • 200:1 Is The Ratio You Need To Generate Consistent Traffic, Get More Revenue, And Grow Predictably, Year After Year.
  • How To Boost Conversions 1.51X - With A Credibility Checklist
  • Increase Readership How I Used "The Law Of Averages" To Generate Engagement, Likes, And Up To 130 Shares from A Single Blog Post.
  • How To Pack Your Ads With Value. These Types Of Ads Cannot Be Ignored. And Have 44% Higher CTR Than Typical Social Ads.
  • How To Use The 7 Positioning Angles - To Strike A Chord That Almost Always Gets A Response For Your Content Marketing Ads.
  • Grabbing Your Prospect By The Lapels: Click Bait Templates To Make Your Headlines Stand Out! How To Create An itch Customers Must Scratch. You Can Use These In Emails, YouTube, Guest Posts and much more…Without Actually Offending The Reader.
  • What $1 Bn Worth Of Consumer Advertising, And 40 Years Experience, Reveal About Good USPs.
  • 2 Words That Determine Whether Customers Stay Glued To Your Website, Or Bounce To A Competitors Website.

You already know the 3 Tested Tips To Scale Content Marketing.

  • That’s Trust, Traffic, and Conversions.
  • We'll dive deep and explain how Top Tech Marketers receive quality traffic, proven to reap recurring revenue for years. And you’ll do this simply by playing around with the content marketing equation.
  • As others focus on pleasing the engines, you’ll reach your most qualified customers with this equation.
  • The 3 Tested Tips To Scale Content Marketing is the easiest way to receive (NOT actually “get” or “acquire”)quality traffic, like a gift. Traffic that actually leads to sales.
How much would you pay for a book like this one? Tested and written after 5 years of Internet Marketing experience? 

That’s not all, within the book, you’ll find:


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A 10-point list to help you evaluate each guest post - with razor-sharp smartness. Pass it through an eye that can't be fooled. It's difficult for any editor to reject your final draft.  


Saves You 3-6 Months In Hiring Time
NEVER commit these 5 mistakes when hiring copywriters, PLUS: how to pick a tech copywriter, who is a perfect fit for your marketing needs! Chapter SIX


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Easy Writing Tips for Technical Products.  $100-$300 in Value, (what I get paid to write an article like that.)

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My Personal Library Of Best Performing Articles
My personal library of best performing articles, most shared and most ranking…with an analysis of what makes them work. You can easily replicate these winning formulas on your own writing to drive an impact.
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SEO For Small Businesses
And finally, you get my 2-Part Video Series on SEO For Small Businesses: Simple Tweaks, Quality Traffic. A step-by-step explanation on how tech marketers actually receive quality traffic.
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The 3 Tested Tips To Scale Content Marketing is yours to keep: INSIDE:

  • Experts Reveal Secrets Of Building Trust, Faster, Even If You’re New In The Marketplace.
  • 11 Ways To Reach Sophisticated Audiences Who Aren't Regular Web Surfers. These Ensure You Get Quality Leads That Are More Likely To Close.
  • Is The Website You’re Using Today, Chasing Your Customers Away? If You Master These Copy-Closing Strategies, You’ll Never Worry About Conversions, For Life!

If you were to buy them separately, the costs would easily ramp way past $5,540. I know because I’ve spent that amount in premium training and mentoring.

Not including my hands-on experience, for which I ‘m paid $125-$150 per hour. It takes exactly 5,000 hours to learn it the hard way. You do the math.

Maybe I’m wrong, you can get these strategies, and…nothing happens. After all, you’re just walking out with… “Stuff.”

But I‘ve already implemented these “stuff” on Technical niches while working as an expert content marketer, serving everyone from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. From Venture Capitalists, to Netpreneurs. I’ve worked with several digital marketing agencies. I’ve also served both Microsoft and eBay. I protect their internal guidelines with a sword.

In fact, I retrieve my product launch checklist from Gary Bencivenga himself. He’s one of the greatest copywriter of all time, and my personal mentor. We act like a secret society, protecting some of these strategies. But I can now share some of these secrets with you. You’ve NEVER heard of them before. And they prove effective, over and over again, for B2B clients.


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Praise For The 3 Tested Tips To Scale Content Marketing

Mugo Gitau 

Founder, Noma Green Plastics.

"Meticulous in execution and wild creative. Guru knows the online landscape better than most and has the right skills, mentality and attitude that gave me leverage for my online business. An absolute pleasure working with him."

Darryl Praill

CMO, Vanilla Software

"The eBook is extremely well done. You have demonstrated a very solid understanding of the content game. Candidly, I think you’re the first content marketer I’ve met that understands this. Congrats. Most marketing leaders struggle to comprehend what you’ve put down here in this eBook."

Michael Hrostoski

Chief Coach, The School For Men

"There are skills and ways of being that you have synthesized in a way that I “felt” through your website. Every once in a while I’ll get little nudges to reach out to people. It’s rare. You were one of those people."


Guru Lwanga

The author of the 3 Tested Tips To SCALE CONTENT MARKETING. Doing content Marketing for the past 5 Years. He has worked with Techwyse, FTF, and other top marketing agencies in the tech space. He has also served venture capitalists, small businesses, and wrote 6 figure funnels for an eCommerce Marketer. Guru served  fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and eBay. He has over 1,500 published articles. He's also an A+ Direct Response Copywriter. Now, he helps tech companies scale content marketing. He takes pride in work well done, and when he's not doing anything else, he reveals insights on CopyTecher blog and the mainstream media.

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