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Write After Hours

From: Guru Lwanga
Nairobi, Kenya
Saturday, 0017 hrs

Dear Marketer,

It is after hours, and everyone has gone home. The marketing team is done with events. You did a lot of positioning during the day, run some Facebook ADS, and now want to turn your busy mind off.

But Oh Boy! I don't know if Facebook Ads are working for you. I don't know if you have a working pricing strategy. I don't know if your churn rate is over-the bar...

Here's what I Know...

If you want to grow your SAAS business, acquire new customers and get your marketing investment back with a profit...

Write After Hours.

Maybe I'm wrong. You should write in the morning when your mind is fresh. Making money when all leaf-blowers are snoring.

But what if I'm right? 

You'll squeeze more from customer memberships. Want to increase the lifetime value of your customers? Writing after hours, will get more clicks on your Ads. And even revive cold dead prospects to buy.

Let Me Explain,

It is After hours, Mohammed Aguel, an eCommerce millionnaire approached me with an urgent Job. He needed 3 advertorials and a sales page. I wrote them at night. He said, "You got the basics covered. I think we can go retainer."

Sol Horowitz, is an Entreprenur in USA I wrote an article around his product, dark after hours. He was happy that he used my services again.

Techwyse, an Internet Marketing Agency, needed some service pages for their technical niche. From cybersecurity, software, manufacturing, and so on. Guess what? I wrote 'em after hours.

Blockcain Venture Capitalist and serial entreprenur Amirsan Roberto also used my process to get Whitepapers done.

It is after hours, when I’m not persuading, when I'm not listening to SAASTock recordings, when I'm Not studying the B2B software industry...I'm doing software copywriting.

When I’m not looking for productivity tips, when I’m not selling, when I’m not learning about entrepreneurship...I’m writing content about software.

When I’m not implementing S.E.O, when I’m not blogging, When I’m not doing content marketing...

I’m helping Software companies with customer retention emails. Boosting their MRR and ARR.

Let’s say you’re launching a new software. You need website copy, instruction manuals, Ads, a sales page, a whitepaper. And so on.

You want them done fast...without altering quality. You don't have to wait so long.

It is after hours, I'll be seated at my desk, writing seamlessly, adding persuasive elements, revising and extracting every possible benefit out of your product...

Dark At Night, I'll Use Direct Marketing Principles To

Grow Your Business As If My Life Depended On It.

Maybe you shouldn't trust me. You shouldn't hire a guy trained by The American Writers And Artists Inc. (AWAI). You shouldn't use a writer trained by the highest paid copywriter Clayton Makepeace. You shouldn't trust someone who gets advice from the topgun, Gary Bencivenga.

Maybe you shouldn't hire a writer with a long list of books under his belt. From Gary Halbert, Dan KennedyJoseph Sugarman, David Ogilvy, Eugine Schwartz, and John Caples.

Yet I don't work with everyone. Only IF:

  • You’re a SAAS marketer and believe copy makes the difference.
  • You are obsessed with data, software, and tools. From S.E.O tools, Marketing tools, CRMs, Hubspot, Ahrefs, Adespresso, Product Hunt etc.
  • You know you need to hire a copywriter, who’s the best of the best to solve your marketing challenges.
  • You’re a businessman with a scalable and proven business model or sales funnel.
  • You’re a membership director and know that great products don’t sell themselves. Even Apple advertise.

Here's The Good News

After hours, I interviewed the top SAAS executives, marketers, CEOs, and founders. This special report is called: On software Marketing. Inside:

5 Advertising Secrets To Help You Sell Software To Anyone

  • The #1 Technology you should include in your SAAS and become 99% better than other competitors.

  • How To Transform your story into a cash machine.

  • Using Videos to get attention and convert 10X Faster

  • Why Regular Ads Are ignored within 5 seconds and what to do about it.

  • Why Pricing Tables DO NOT Work and how to to use The "Decoy Principle to bring your pricing tables to life.

On top of this special report, you get...

  • A copy critique to instantly improve Campaign performance.
  • Keyword research to help you outrank the competition and get transactional intent.
  • A collection of raving reviews from your SAAS fans.
  • Reverse engineering and market research to help you reach industry leaders.

Surprisingly? You get this special report, On Software Marketing for FREE!

Even this report, was written after hours.

Your Second Master,

Guru Lwanga

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