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From: Guru Lwanga
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Saturday, 2:15 pm

Dear Marketer,

If you really want to increase your sales, I’ll show you, the surest way to make maximum money with less cost. When you smile all the way to the bank,  you'll be glad you made the right decision.

This means you can put your marketing on autopilot. I'll do the research. I’ll do the writing. I’ll do everything else (I’ll do all elements of a winning marketing campaign.)

You just have to wait and see. You can watch your 72 inch plasma TV, play golf, play candy crush or go to a pool party. Whatever you do do with free time...That's up to you.

I’m a SAAS Copywriter. I have developed a STEROID COPYWRITING process. It’s basically...

How The Rich Generate A Successful Campaign,

High R.O.I, High Conversions, And More Sales

I call it the quickest way to squeeze more from customer memberships. Want to increase the lifetime value of your customers? Boom! I used a sneaky Jay Abraham tactic to get more clicks on my Ads. And even revive cold prospects to buy again. Customers kept buying again and again.

There are many secrets. Copywriting is part of the secret. 

So if you can’t  find a tech copywriter who can write extraordinary content in this niche…

You'll get less sales. You see, low conversions are like time. Seconds add up to minutes, minutes add up to hours. Hours add up to days. And eventually, months and years are wasted. Money is wasted. I've seen managers go to jail, companies close. And guess who will be accountable? You.

Never worry about that again. Because I’ll show you an easy way to...

Create Predictable Results.

The Science Of Getting What You Want, When You Want

If you hire a good SAAS copywriter, he should create a reliable CASH MACHINE system. A system that’s like an oil well. You’ll have large oil reserves. The only limit is time. 

So a SAAS Copywriter gives you the optimum production rate to get more out of that oil well.

Give Me 6 Months And I’ll At least 5X - 10X What You Pay Me

Let’s say you’re launching a new software. You need website copy, instruction manuals, Ads, a sales page, a whitepaper. And so on.

I have templated process for writing each type of these projects...without altering quality. You don't have to wait so long. I know there’s a lot of marketing copy to be done. 

If I’m available, I’ll sign your contract. The next morning (4:30 am), I’ll be seated in my wooden desk, filling google sheets with research. Or what other copywriters call…

...doing the boring stuff. 

(BTW Google Sheets Excel is a nice project management tool you could use too.)

People ask me, how did you do it? Who did this for you? I didn’t expect it to work? You see. They’re surprised that they found something that works. And I say, “I’d be surprised if it didn’t work. Whether you’re running Facebook Ads, PPC Google Ads, etc…

...I’ll deploy saas writing skills to instantly increase your sales.

For some reason you might be having a full time year, you have a lot to do. You. Just come with your deadline, and I'll half it while giving you the results you need. 

Small projects like Advertorials take 3 days. A sales page could take 1 to 2 weeks. And large projects like playbooks, a yearly report, could take a month. Even if you need a small Ad or social media post, I really need time to…

  • Study your company and products.
  • Study your audience, target markets, and prospects.
  • Study your competitors offer. And so on..

Then I have to write seamlessly. I have to add persuasive elements, revise, and submit the work.

Now you think the work will need tweaks here and there? I'll help you do that -  You get Up to 3 free revisions

You see, other Startup copywriters charge for revisions. And you remain wondering, “Why should I pay more for tiny changes? These few hundred bucks you spend on revision, or hiring a proofreader, could get you coffee or even lunch with an influential person. Which leads me to...

How To Attract New Clients And Boom Your Sales 

With Top 10 Instagram Influencers

Surround yourself with 5 billionaires and you’ll be the 6th. I have KGB detective eyes, to help me uncover INVINCIBLE WEAPONS by reverse-engineering top ad campaigns. It’s simple to identify which strategy works for you. And who knows? You might be few seconds away from getting winners so often.

Use Direct Marketing Principles To Make Million-Dollar Ads - 

Grow Your business As If Your Life Depended On It.

If you happen to get a cheap copywriter for hire, let’s say from upwork, they can't communicate in a language that resonates with your audience. 


Simply forget about a million-dollar Ad. 

I use a COPYWRITING PROCESS That Puts Your Marketing On Steroids. Proven to help SAAS companies boom their memberships.

You see, everybody else’s advertising is inferior. Got a good product? All you need is good products with superior advertising.

If you don’t get the results you want, I’m...

The Only SAAS Copywriter A 1 Year MoneyBack Guarantee 

Plus Added Pay For Your Time.

And in a moment, I’ll reveal...

Closely Guarded Secrets To Help You Go From Zero To Hero Regardless Of Your Marketing Budget

Imagine, I’ve been trained by Marketing god, $20 Billion dollar man - Jay abraham. The American Writers And Artists Inc. (AWAI). The best Information Marketer, Bob Bly. The highest paid copywriter Clayton Makepeace

...With insights from Legendary Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, and Dan Lok. I’ve read and implemented the works of Joseph Sugarman, David Ogilvy, Eugine Schwartz, and John Caples.

Do You Need Negotiating Strategies To get Past Any No 

And Increase Your Profits?

Quite frankly, this is not for everyone. Persuasion is the science of getting what you want. And Negotiation is an art of getting to yes. 

Tech businesses need a Startup copywriter that teaches them how to negotiate with venture capitalists. People do wrong. This is not for you If...

  • You  fill VC’s inbox with sleazy pitches.
  • You give opinion-based rankings and conclusions about the next big thing.
  • You think Facebook Ads don’t work for SAAS.
  • You want BIG results with SMALL budgets.
  • You don't know there's more to digital marketing than social media marketing.
  • Your Ads are written by a designer.

If you have any characteristic mentioned above, you can stop reading right here. 

Oh, still reading? You are a few seconds away from…

Getting 114 Ways To Boost conversions, Get Quality Leads, 

And Attract Ideal Customers For Free With NeuroMarketing

But first, do you have what it takes to get a copywriter for hire?

You can hire a good Startup Copywriter if…

  • You’re a marketer and believe copy makes the difference.
  • You are obsessed with data, software, and tools. From S.E.O tools, Marketing tools, CRMs, Hubspot, Ahrefs, Adespresso, Product Hunt etc.
  • You know you need to hire a copywriter, who’s the best of the best to solve your marketing challenges.
  • You’re a businessman with a scalable and proven business model or sales funnel.
  • You’re a membership director and know that great products don’t sell themselves. Even Apple advertise.

You’ve done a good job. Now let me reveal…

6 Advertising Secrets To Help You Sell Anything To Anyone

(Especially Software)

Insider Tip #1: Artificial Intelligence: Include A.I in your software and you’re 99% better than other competitors. Soon, this technology will get massively adopted. It’s the future. And companies will attribute their growth to A.I innovations. Simple.

Insider Tip #2: Storytelling: One way to get attention is to give the right business story in the right way. The moral of the story should be “buy my stuff.” Do you have what it takes to transform your story into a cash machine? 

Insider Tip #3: Video Sales Letters: Huge chunks of text like this one don’t get attention. Unless you really know how to do it. For you to get a software VSL, you probably have to start with SAAS writing. All in all, V.S.L get attention and convert 10X than regular text. And I don’t mean explainer videos and demo’s. I mean a V.S.L like the one guru’s use in webinars.

Insider Tip #4: Advertorials: How long does it take for a reader to ignore your Ad? 5 seconds if your Ad is on youtube. And in microseconds if it’s somewhere else. You see, like me and you, people don’t like the idea of being sold. So anything that looks like an Ad will be ignored. So what?

Advertorials to the rescue.

You should hire a copywriter who can write an editorial-type Ad. Advertorials are like “genuine clickbaits” that the reader must click. That’s a good rockefeller tactic to turn a problem into an opportunity.

Insider Tip #5: Can't get Attention? Go to Amazon dot com. Find the best selling books in your niche. Get the headlines and subheadlines. Be sure you know why they really worked. Use it as a template for your headlines, subheadlines, and what I call “Tweetable Content.” That’s how you get attention.

Insider Tip #6: Contrast Your Prices: This is a bit advanced. But it works. Any customer who wants to buy stuff has an anchor price. This is the average price he expects to pay for a service. The anchor price for a cup of coffee is one buck.  $2.50 for a loaf, 0.82 cents for milk and so on.

If your pricing is a bit more expensive than normal prices, contrast your price by presenting the expensive items first. You could introduce a price called a decoy. An expensive price intentionally placed there to make the high price look small. Pricing tables, comparison charts, different box sizes all rely on this principle.

Case Studies Of How People Built Lifetime Businesses 

With Direct Marketing.

Some of these clients earn $92,974/yr-$134,666 in san francisco. With majority raking in over a million dollars a year.

I don’t care whether you’re from Canada, Australia, or Europe. 

Guru worked hard and made sure i am happy! will probably using his service again.

Sol Horowitz, USA, Entrepreneur.

You got the basics covered I think we go retainer.

Mohamed Ali Aguel, Canada, eCommerce Influencer.

Hi Guru, Thank you for all the pages you completed for us last month it was a big help.

Corey Savard, USA, Content Strategist | Techwyse Internet Marketing Agency.

Thanks for great work. Looking forward to the next project.

Amirsan Roberto, Austrailia, Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur.

Very Good Writer and Freelancer - Did article on Engineering for women - excellent well researched and written piece - very few changes. Recommend.

Adam Swift, Lite Regal Summer School.

Discover The Power Of Direct Response Copywriting

One trick is to add a guarantee. And do you know why no other copywriter has a 1 Year money back guarantee? They don’t trust their process. 

When you choose me as your Startup copywriter, you join one of the rarest. The 1% of top saas copywriters.

Surprisingly? You pay for the results!

I’ll even add a free interview of the top 10 SAAS CEOs. Another bonus on how to persuade and negotiate on Shark Tank. Or anywhere else. The bottomline?

You get away with bonuses worth $25000+ upon contract signing.

If you fear losing money, there is a safe 1 year money back guarantee, If I don’t deliver the promised results within a year, write an email and I’ll send your money back.

You have lead generation and conversion problems. And right now, I have a solution, why should you wait? Maybe you're busy. You could be thinking of getting back to me in the future. But I'm afraid that in the future, nothing will probably change to give you more time. 

I’ll hire gurulwanga copywriter

  • In Future
  • Tomorrow
  • Today
  • Now

It's easy, say YES, and I’ll add you to a waiting list which is getting longer and longer. But at least you can get the promised BONUSES instantly.

Or Else

You can fill out a complex order form from another copywriter who can't give you the results you need.

They’ll charge you for a 30 min telephone consultation, a fee for planning, a fee for writing, a fee for revision, a fee for draft. I’m dead serious. And I’m saving you from paying 100% initial fees - for nothing.

Some have a Project minimum. So you can’t talk to them if you have anything less than $8,000. And others have no fees. If you see anyone with these characteristics, RUN.

In reality, tech copywriters with hundreds to thousands of portfolio have nothing to do with the success of your project. They won awards and endorsements. You have to choose. Do you want fame, glory, and fancy awards? Or do you want cash?

You’ll come across wannabe writers who are exclusive. “Ooh, I only work with Canadians. Ooh, I don’t work with Indians.” They’re trying to find the optimum environment for them to perform. And in a bad economy, they really can’t give results.

Avoid them. They say they save you money, get you results, generate more leads, with No proof. Nonsense. That aside, let’s look at...

A Step-By Step Guide To Get Several Marketing Copy In A Short Time 

Without Altering Quality

You really have to know your market inside out. Attend conferences, like DigiMarcon, Saastr, Mozcon. Listen to SAAS podcasts. You really have to live it.

So when I’m not negotiating, when I’m not writing Copy, when I’m not persuading...I’m deeply studying SAAS and B2B software industry.

When I’m not looking for productivity tips, when I’m not selling, when I’m not learning about entrepreneurship...I’m deep in hitech industry.

When I’m not on shopify ecommerce, when I’m not implementing S.E.O, when I’m not blogging, When I’m not doing content marketing...I’m into technology.

I’ll help you reinforce the relationship of the 20% of your clients who represent 80% of your business.

By now, you know...

Few but powerful direct marketing tactics you can implement in your business to put it on steroids.

You know the bonuses you’ll receive (Worth $25,000) by accepting my offer.

You know why you should choose gurulwanga copywriter over other non-result oriented tech copywriters.

This offer is selling out quickly. I’m fully booked for the next 6 months. Late response will wait until the next availability.

One Of The Best SAAS Copywriters Introduces Free Marketing Gifts Worth $25,000+

Book A Consultation

Simple, fast and effective strategies.



One Time

  • Assess Your Business Performance.
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Questions And Answers
  • 15 Minutes 
  • Get An Effective Marketing Strategy

P.S: While other copywriters jump from client to client, your work to your competitors work, clients are paying me to work exclusively with them. 

P.P.S: For some reason, you'll need privacy for your kind of job. We can sign an NDA no problem.

P.P.P.S: Beware of copywriters with 10 years experience. Beware of startup copywriters who have worked with Hubspot. Beware of copywriters with Msc in marketing. All these do NOT guarantee results. 

“There is a difference between 10 years of experience and 1 year of experience repeated 10 times.” Peter Voogd.

Your Second Master,

Guru Lwanga

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