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9 Signs You’ll Be Succesful

By Guru Lwanga

April 27, 2020

From Guru Support:

We’re all uncertain about the future. I’m not a business coach. But I have the intuition to see if something will go through or fail terribly. Most of the time, I’m right. Failures fear being successful. And if failures take any path, they do a poor job. They give up too early.

What are signs that I'll soon be rich?

  1. Karma Works On Your Favor: You’re Working To Prove or Disprove Someone. Chances are, you’ll be successful. Don’t question this. I’ve worked to get business from someone who despised me. I’ve conquered competition. I’ve got more high paying clients to disprove difficult clients and so on. Sometimes I get a bag and someone says “Take this bag when you get a laptop, it will help you.” I got an Apple laptop. I’m still waiting for someone to give me jet fuel 🙂

            Seriously, an entrepreneur bought a school that once fired him. Elon Musk went to start               his own company because he couldn’t get a job. Work to disprove someone.

  1. You’re confident in what you’re doing: Money loves certainty. You need to be 100% sure. You have the right skills, the right product, the right service. If you aren’t confident, you’ll keep rejecting opportunities that come your way. And guess what? They come once in a lifetime.
  1. Most people doing what you do were successful: Future billionaires take paths that have already been explored. Proven vehicles like entrepreneurship. Look at people who are where you want to be in 5 years. Yes, time travel. Are you doing what they did 5 years ago? You’ll be where they are in 5 years. It's an unwritten rule of nature.
  1. You do whatever it takes: Someone asks, what will you do to get a candy in an exploding candy store? A kid answers whatever it takes to get the candy. They’ll call you rude. They’ll call you a workaholic. But you’ll say you have whatever it takes. While you read books, they’ll watch movies. You’ll live an abnormal lifestyle. That’s fine. You have whatever it takes.
  1. You are persistent: Persistence means repeating the right action even if you’re not seeing results. Give someone slow wifi, see how they behave. How do you solve a small technical problem? Do you give up fast, or do you try again? In real life, persistence could be sending emails over and over. Making calls. Hitting back until you get a reply. Even if it takes years, the assistant should know you’ll be there the next day. 
  1. You invest in learning: Successful people learn a lot about their stuff. They read self development books. For example, wealth, investing, mental health, physical health, body language, speaking, dealing with people, negotiating and so on. They also learn about marketing. 
  1. You hate a job: “Hating A Job With Passion.” Though I like the CEO, the industry and everything...something was missing. I didn’t like getting out late because of traffic and security reasons. I didn’t like waking up at a specific time - to go and help someone else achieve goals, while I get nothing in return. A job looked like an odd environment. The supervisor doesn’t seem to know as much as you do. And fellow workers are just subpar, they can’t deliver as you do. So you feel overqualified and work for yourself. NOTE: I didn’t say you decide to quit your job. Or you decide to work for yourself. You quit your job. You work for yourself. Remember deciding is not doing.
  1. You’re humble: Successful people don’t know everything. They keep quiet. “I know that.” mentality chases away positive feedback. Take criticism for growth. Someone had once written a bad book. I'm self-publishing. But I couldn’t comment because he thought he knew everything. Hope he went ahead and had an editor shred his writing into pieces. A waste of thousands of hours and money.
  1. You’re Patient But Urgent: People confuse patience with laziness. When you eat, sleep, and wait for miracles to happen, you’re lazy. Not patient. When you do your best, and wait for results to come, a date you can’t control, you’re patient. Also, stay urgent. Urgency means you wish you did things yesterday. I want things to move fast. I was once told to make a book cover. I’ve never did graphic design. I thought to myself. I should go and take a course, read some books, buy software, and be a graphic designer. Design the stuff and send it to top designers for feedback. Little did I know my boss wanted the cover in the next 5 minutes. I went on to Canva and produced a good cover. That's the urgency I’m talking about. There’s no relationship between working fast and good quality. Be patient, but urgent.

You’ll need almost all these signs. How many did you score out of 9? Let us know your score in the comment section.

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