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7 Business Books That Will Change Your Life

By Guru Lwanga

April 27, 2020

As a copywriter I grow businesses. Business writing is what I do. And I gain knowledge by reading books. These books, I tell you, will change your life. I’ve chosen them because I’ve read them. They're also the most recommended books. There are no affiliate links. (No one paid me to feature them.) Hope you get your copies soon. Don’t procrastinate.

Also, you’ll notice you haven’t heard about some of these books. It’s because they’re probably under rated. These books need to be read by everyone. They should be approved curriculum for the crooked education system.

Read these and learn what they never taught you in school.

1. 6 Months to 6 Figures by Peter Voogd: Change Your Mindset and Circle Of Influence: By changing people who you spend your time with, you change your income. Peter Voogd is confident about it. He surrounded himself with 5 Millionnaires. And guess what? He became the 6th. Changing your COC circle of influence can be as simple as deleting poor contacts. The concept is very simple. Surprisingly, people give excuses. Make new connections. The book also encourages us to learn by mastery to improve our skills. This makes someone be more valuable, in 2 years, than other people’s 40 years experience. People with 40 years experience can have a year experience repeated 40 times.

2. Build A Business Not A Job by David and Stephanie: Understand what’s required from a CEO: Well, Jobs aren’t bad. This falls among those books that hate the education system. It also hates jobs. CEOs work 70 - 100 hours a week. As a CEO, you have no right to leave your business. You can’t rest. You can’t go for vacation. Not unless your business runs smoothly while you’re away.

3. Zero To One by Peter Thiel Innovation Not Globalization: When America and China invents stuff, the rest of the world copies. Singapore would invent a technocratic government. The US will have an entrepreneurial culture. Africa would copy what has worked for others. However, when we copy what others have done, we move from zero to zero. We move from one to one. But when we invent new stuff, we move from zero to one. Elon Musk recommends reading this book. Musk argued that it’s the pace of innovation that matters.

4. FU Money: Live Your Dream Lifestyle Now: Read the cover, the first page, and the first paragraph. You’ll discover it’s the best book you’ve stumbled upon. Even though I fear Dan Lok and his persuasive tactics, FU money equals cold hard truth. For example, he asked what have the poor done for the world lately? FU money or fuck you money is all about making as much money as you want. So you can say fuck you to anyone at anytime without getting arrested. You’ll have a full estimate of what it will take to retire. You’ll then spend the rest of your life working for your goals and dreams. No excuses.

5. Think and Grow Rich: Be Nice And Attract Money: This book has some funny stuff. In a world where people need instant gratification...the author delivers his message through parables. Think and grow rich works for your subconscious mind. It also gives intelligence to never give up. I understood almost instantly that for you to get rich, you have to cling to a rich person. Do your best, identify opportunities, and use it to catapult yourself.

6. Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco: Choose The Fastest Roadmap To Wealth: If we want to go from where you are to where you wanna be, there are 5 options. You can walk and reach there in 600 years. You can cycle and reach in 120 years. You can get minimum wage and drive, reach there in 60 years. Or you can fly and reach there in a few years. It depends on how bi your goal is. Logically, everyone’s goal is very big. Working in a job wouldn’t meet the lifestyle and freedom we want. The millionaire fast lane advocates for starting a scalable business.

7. Automatic Wealth Michael Masterson: Be A Millionaire In 7 Years: This book explains how compound interest could work for your advantage. I’ve read it, and I plan to reread it. I’m young and it’s actually made for young people. You have the advantage of using your age to work for you. He explains how to make money work for you. Unlike most best-selling get rich quick advice, Automatic Wealth is a slow but sure process.

8. BONUS: The Art Of Taking Action: Gregg Krech: We all get stuck. Nothing seems to move when we are sick. We do nothing when we are depressed, anxious or when we lose wour mood. Productivity directly affects your business and income. It’s important to value your time and be as productive as you can...regardless how you feel. You’ll learn concepts like aurugamama, kaizen, and naikan. I like all of them. This lessons span accross your marriage, lifestyle, business, and spirituality, You should get your copy today.

“I read a book, so why I’m I not rich?” Because success isn’t an event. You’ll read a book in a week. But it takes years to implement. You’ll get knowledge that will affect how you make decisions. The decisions you make now affect your future. Books insure your future with the right knowledge. When it comes to making money, that’s up to you. Knowledge and money, 2 different things. It’s up to you to make the connection.

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