April 17


Copywriting: How To Make Money Online Like An American Rapper

By Guru Lwanga

April 17, 2020

Think about this, hip hop artists start young. They invest up to 5000 hours in one album. They have to write a song. Rewrite every line. Launch an album. Gather a following. Sell more albums. Protect their brand…

And so on.

I know you were thinking, “Ugh! Just another clickbait.” “ I don’t think you can make millions of dollars online writing unless you’re Harry Potter or Steve King.”

Oh you poor misguided soul. Keep reading and I’ll show you how you can make money just freelancing. It’s almost free. You don’t need to buy any course. You don’t need to get any coaching. You don’t even need a high end mastermind group. You don’t need a laptop.

You see, a successful freelance career has no shortcuts. Has no excuses. It’s brass ball reality. You make someone a billionaire, you get paid millions. Make someone a millionaire, you get paid six figures. And so on. You’ll be in the business of making money for other people. And you get a fraction of the sale. Does that sound exciting?

I’ve got good news for you.

If you can learn how to produce results for your clients, you’ll never be out of work.

Let’s get started.


1. You’ll Understand Foundation Principles.

Maybe you want to quit your job, you just graduated from college, you’re looking for remote jobs and some part-time income..welcome to the club we’ve got T-shirts.

  • Read Books: Read these 3 books and you’ll be better than 99% of copywriters out there. Page by page, slowly by slowly, you’ll move from beginner to advanced in 3 weeks.
  • Take Courses: Students have to pay to learn. Show some commitment by buying a course you can afford. And I’ll list the most recommended courses. Remember courses teach you how to be a better writer. Not how you can mint Benjamin franklin notes online.

2. You’ll Learn From The Best

We’re in the business of rewriting what has already been written. Forget originality. Save time by copying what expert copywriters did! Just like how rap rhymes are stolen.

  • Swipe Files To The Rescue: Have a library of ideas. Easily bring energy into your writing anytime you lose creativity.

3. Write Like You Talk.

You aren’t a writer until you write your first samples. Get peer review and even have editors shred your writing into pieces. Learn more. 

4. MarketingYour Business

If you don’t know marketing, you can’t get any money from copywriting. Marketing is your second career. Marketing will get you clients.

  • Positioning 

Present yourself as an expert. Learn how to get published on forbes, huffington post, and popular mainstream media.

  • Getting clients

A predictable method for predictable income.

  • Automatic clients

Let clients come to you...treating your copywriting business like a business.

5. Entrepreneurship. 

  • Sell your products

Congratulations. You can now sell anything to anyone.

  • Sell info products

         Notes on being a Guru, being Tony Robbins and other controversial personas out there.

DISCLOSURE: This article is written based on personal experience. Conversations with Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly, Kevin Bond and others who’ve inspired me directly and indirectly. You have no right to disagree with any of my tips. Thank You.


Before you take this new opportunity like a storm, slow down. You don’t have to treat copywriting like a new shiny object. First, have passion for writing. Second, be consistent. Read daily.

Jim Rohn said, take a cigar a day and in 6 years you’re a total disaster. Take an apple a day and in 6 years?...you get it. Study copywriting using the same technique. Study it daily. Let’s see where you’ll be in 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years.

1.1 Read Books

Think about this.

People are persuaded to buy stuff they don’t need. Look at your house. You don’t need anything. You don’t need chocolates. You don’t need fancy sofa sets. You don’t need sugar. You don’t need a playstation.

Why do these stuff sell like crazy? Well, these books will help you understand the basics of persuasion.

Get a copy of the 100 Greatest Advertisements. It's an old book, but it's still around.

Also read the books, "Scientific Advertising" and "My Life in Advertising, both by Claude Hopkins.

Read the book, "Confessions of an Advertising Man," by David Ogilvy.

Read the book, "Reality in Advertising," by Rosser Reeves.

Read the book, "Tested Advertising Methods," by John Caples (fourth edition is the only one you want).

Read Breakthrough Advertising by Eugine Schwartz.

Re-read these books once a year.

Those are called classics. A bit old but gold.

Books For Modern Copywriters

Read and take notes The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bob Bly.

Read Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman.

Read my blog: Copywriting Section - what you’re doing now.

Then you will understand how to write great ads.

Oh! But that’s a lot of work! Yes, it is. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Look at athletes, boxers, olympic runners, and chess grandmasters. They practice like there’s no tomorrow. That’s the only way to succeed.

So if you see anyone asking for book recommendations, send him my mega list. They’ll never ask that question again - for the next 6 years.

TAKE-AWAY: The Right Knowledge + The Right Action = SUCCESS.


Some people don’t read books. Instead, they take courses. Most of the courses will have insights from these popular books. I can only list courses I took.

  1. The Accelerated Program For 6 Figure Copywriting by AWAI
  2. The Quickstart Copywriting System by Clayton Makepeace.
  3. If you find courses on specific specialties like email marketing, video sales letters, technical writing, grab ‘em all.

To avoid information overload, take one book at a time. Take one course at a time. Don’t read books if you can take one comprehensive course.

I was once stuck.

Study by Mastery. Don’t read a book...lying on your bed. Don’t listen to audiobooks. Do active learning with a pen and paper. Every week, put those notes into practice. Integrate them in your way of life.

TAKE AWAY: For You To Be Effective You Have To Be Selective.


A swipe file is a collection of examples of good writing. Winning Ads, winning sales letters, successful campaigns and so on.

Swiped.co is a good example. May courses will have a library of a swipe file.

Basically if a writer once said: How to win friends and influence people, I can write my ad with a headline: How to negotiate and get anything you want. You can copy sentence by sentence, word by word. That was simple wasn’t it?

But wait there’s more. I have an advanced strategy of making the most out of your swipe file.

You have to read and re-read the ads by John Caples, Maxwell Sackheim, David Ogilvy, and Claude Hopkins.

You might also subscribe to Lawrence Bernstein's Ad Money Machine. He researches great ads by top copywriters and explains why they work so well.


You’ve done all these work. 6 weeks went by, maybe 6 months, maybe 6 years. That’s up tp you. Now it’s the time to get yourself out there. And take your writing to the world.

Find any real product and write a full promotion for it. You can volunteer to write for fundraisers (Aren’t you supposed to use your talents to do good?).

Start a quick eCommerce store on shopify. Bring traffic to it. Sell something on clickfunnels. I don’t care whether you do it for a charity, a client, or yourself. All you need is to get the numbers. What are your conversion rates? Can you beat the control? Can you prove you can sell through writing?.

What are other expert comments on your writing?

That’s it

If everything is positive, you’re ready for the next step.

Congratulations, you’ve won half the battle. Wait for the next issue, and we’ll finish the remaining chapters.

  • Marketing your copywriting business.
  • Positioning your business as an expert.
  • Getting clients.
  • Sell your products.
  • Sell info products.

Believe me, you can make money just freelancing.

Hope you appreciate my love for pigeons by sharing this article.

Your Second Master,

Guru Lwanga.

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