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You say "I can’t find people who can write extraordinary content in my niche"

You say "FB Ads don't work for SAAS companies"

You ask "Why do Clients want BIG results with SMALL budgets ?"

And worse - the analytics guy doesn't believe your reports. Your clients don't know there's more to digital marketing than social media.

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Dear: Marketers

Have you seen an inventor launch a rocket? A businessman own 80% of an economy? A hacker steal Bitcoins? These acts are big, unimaginable and courageous. However, if you knew the process they use, you can also get big things done.

Never Lose Money Again When There Is Guaranteed High ROI For What You Pay

If you want to move your business from 6-figure to millions, millions to billions, or get more money than exists in the world, you’d still have to follow a simple, but unique process. In fact, Apple, had a nice product. But the leader of Apple cultivated this culture within their team. That GOOD PRODUCTS DON'T SELL THEMSELVES! And within years, Apple was a fortune 100 company.

Get Quality Leads, Boost Conversions, Sell More

You need to communicate in a language that resonates with audience, get your message crystal clear. The steroid copywriting system is "something that works." It's taken years of studying what works. Years of practice and split-testing.

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Hey, I'm Guru Lwanga

Instead of calling me a persuasion expert, or expert negotiator, or an Internet Business Magnate. 

Just Call Me Guru.

Instead of calling me a petroleum Engineer, or Tech Savvy, or Copywriting Genious.

Just Call Me Guru. That was simple, wasn't it?

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Amirsan Roberto

Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, and Serial Entrepreneur

“Guru did a top-notch job on Blockchain. Thanks for great work.”

Corey Sarvard

Content Strategist| Techwyse Internet Marketing Agency

Hi Guru, Thank you for all the pages you completed for us last month it was a big help.

Radhika Shetty

Senior Project Manager| Microsoft

Thanks, Albina, both articles look good  ?.


First, Understand That Copy Makes The Difference

Every SAAS company. Every software company is selling free trials, or has a premium package. Most likely, you use the same business model. And the only way to differentiate yourself? Let the marketing copy speak for you! Differentiate yourself through persuasive writing!


Second, It's All About Results 

We won't spend 15 minutes talking about the weather. We'll dive deep into the real issues that help me give you results. We have the software and tools to track the data. You only pay based on results!. Isn't that exciting?


Third, The Time Is Now 

If you can't act on it within 24 hours, chances are, 99% you will never act on it. You see, top copywriters, like me, have a streamlined waiting list of clients. But now, I have an opening for only one new client. I only work with one client per indusry. That's it.

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