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By Guru Lwanga

April 23, 2020

From Guru Support:

People around the world, fans and haters, are asking....

Are you a Guru?

I’m not a Guru. I am Guru. Guru means an expert in a particular subject. It also means a teacher. There are fake gurus out there. If working with fortune 500 organizations is fake, then I’m fake. . At least fake Gurus became producers. Consumers are worse. Nobody has single-handedly done more for my clients than me.

Are you on LinkedIn more of personal or business?

Personal Business.

Why haven’t I seen you with girls or friends?

Because you’ve never looked in the right place.

Why are you always quiet?

If you never asked me anything, don’t question my silence. Anyone who asks a question gets a response.

If you ever spoke to me and never got an answer, chances are, I don’t know the answer, or it’s a stupid question. Most likely, it’s a stupid question.

If we’re in a group, we can’t have everyone talk. Some will talk and some will listen.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with silence. If you find silence awkward, you depend on other people for happiness.

Why are you very strict?

Because if you mess you’ll fuck me up. I’m not strict. I’m truthful. Don’t tell me we’ll meet Friday 4 pm, when you mean 4:30 pm. I love authentic people.

Following instructions, and paying attention to detail.

There’s a lot of mental energy and thought process behind my rules and instructions. Don’t break any.

Are you from a royal family owning St. Charles Lwanga?

No. I don’t know where I’m from. Maybe I just fell from heaven.

You always look like a genius!

You better be genuine because I can spot fake complements from miles away. I can see beyond your eyes. And tell if it’s a true complement.

People confuse silence for intelligence. And I’ll be the last one to deny that.

What do you do staying in-house all day?

4-6 hours sleeping, 7-11 hours working, doing unfinished business, chores, walking around, and not watching TV.

Who are you?

I went to an interview and someone asked me this question. “You don’t have experience. Who is Guru Lwanga?” She said holding my CV.

I thought I should tell her I’m a 19-year-old boy who has accomplished more in 3 years than her 25 years experience. I’ll never write a CV again. I’ll never depend on some old recruiters who refuse to accept things change.

What do you do?

I help my clients make more money. I chase my personal big goals.

What do you think about the future?

The future depends on what you do today.

How do you manage to write so well?

Because I’m a genius. I’ll let you think I was born this way. It’s just native intelligence. It’s none of your business to now that all experts, celebrities, and entrepreneurs practice.

You say you won’t make a house; will you live in an app?

Though I’m tech savvy, don’t take it to this extent. What I mean is a house is a liability. It’s a dream most young people have. They’ll get the house, get bored, want a private jet. Get a private jet, get bored, and want a yacht…some even want to go to Mars.

I won’t live in an app. I believe cars, houses, jets, yachts, should pay for themselves. The goal is to get income. Use income to build a business. Use profits to scale a business. Sell and build more businesses. Then buy whatever you want.

You’re always concerned about big things; looks like you don’t like small talk.

If you think we can talk about the weather, I’m sorry. You’re obviously wasting everyone’s time. My approach to topics is to be present. Not trying to keep the conversation going. Not trying to impress people I don’t like. I hate people tbh.

I want to be around many people, but they should also not interfere with my personal space.

Why did you quit gambling?

I was traveling in an uber when the driver asked: Which addiction do you have? Do you smoke? No. Do you drink? No. Do you bet? No. He laughed.

Gambling won’t change anyone’s lifestyle. You’ll put $100, win $200…so what? It won’t take you from poor to middle class. Or middle class to rich. I use the same analogy for people day-trading on Forex.

On smoking and alcohol, imagine you’ve a hotly baked cake and a 6-year-old rotten bread on the table. Choose one for breakfast. One is life, the other is death. Choose life!

It’s surprising some people choose rotten bread. That’s up to you.

What’s your favorite quote?

The most important lesson is to choose life over death. When you choose life, you won’t go for cheap options. When you choose life, you won’t make bad decisions. When you choose life, you won’t waste your time. You won’t get bored. You won’t get broke. You won’t worship another human. And many more benefits!

Your Second Master,

Guru Lwanga,

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