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How To Write A Sales Page

By Guru Lwanga

May 10, 2022

You should have noticed that pro-marketers, use sales pages. Whether it's on Clickbank, JVZoo, or any marketing platform.

A sales page can increase your conversion rates, help you hit high marketing KPIs - at low budgets! Sales Pages are the surest way to hit those KPIs and never get frustrated at a declining dashboard again.

I know they work because I'm a sales page copywriter. I've mastered some direct marketing strategies, copywriting skills, and persuasion techniques. I learned these techniques while working under Gary Bencivenga, the topgun himself. I've also written advertorials and sales pages for an ecommerce influencer so you can be sure these tips work.

According to Hubspot, 27% of marketers have a challenge getting enough budget. Yet

Given the same product, the same environment, and all other conditions remaining constant, the person with the highest budget wins.

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I met a person (Virtually) who was given a target of reaching 10,000 followers with no budget. He didn't want to be fired so he agreed to the proposal yes. He would just use free hashtags.

You don't just get 10,000 Instagram followers in a month with free hashtags. You now see that’s NOT how it works right?

Can You Hit High Marketing Goals Like A Pro Marketer?

I understand. You may want to go with a product review. You may want to go with images and a bunch of features. But if you want to SELL, You almost need a sales letter. A sales page.Gary Halbert, the pioneer of "Killer Advertising" Calls it how to earn maximum money in minimum time. Pro marketers and business builders like Jay Abraham, Bob Bly consistently use this method to make their fortunes. And within 5 days, you can put everything on autopilot. What I call “Putting your marketing on steroids.”AreStep 1: Hire A Sales Page Copywriter - On A Budget

Copywriters can help you make maximum Money In Minimum Time: They turn features into benefits. When I'm not playing chess, I'm turning features into benefits, They study your prospects and bake super hot ideas in their free time. For them, writing a sales page is second nature and a good writer can turn things around FAST.

Sales pages pay for themselves. Think of it as an investment and not a cost.Breaking even gives you the freedom to roll your campaigns over and over.

Step 2: Redirect All Your Efforts

Are you wasting money on unnecessary partners and influencers? Sales pages should save you this cost. Imagine sending instagram texts to influencers, they charge a lot before proving they can sell your kind of product. And it takes months to even do a deal with them. Sales pages save you a lot of money because you do not need any influencer. Instead, the money goes directly on advertorials. Do you want sales or people? Choose.

Unlike a typical home page, a sales page lets you out-market your competition, position yourself as the only choice, making customers prefer you alone.

For a long time, customers have been pumping money to your competition. NOW is the right time to make a comeback.

Step 3: Do The Math

If you are a programming coach with a python programming course...Let's say you charge $497 for your course. You have a sales page that converts at 7%. But sales pages are proven to double conversion rates. You convert at 14%. So you double your profits, and double your revenue.

Becasue sales pages are long in nature, you can target all the keywords you want. Search Engines Will Flood Your Website With Targeted Customers: You can easily rank #1 with a quality and unique product, plus a good sales page. We know Google #1 result gets 90% of traffic. This means more $$$ for you.

Step 4: Increase AOV

A sales page gives you a chance to do cross-sales and upsales. You can even win lost customers with downsales. You can solicit referrals and get more money from few customers than other low quality traffic methods.

Learn from the whole army of direct response, including Dan Kennedy, the late Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, and both Gary's. They're all in the business of making you more money. The problems you have the right solutions.

Step 5: Address All Objections

Never Worry About Objections Again - It's A Win Win: No one will tell you they've got no money, they've got no time, they're from a 3rd world country...because the value you offer on a sales page should KILL excuses.

Imagine spending an hour on a webinar trying to make someone buy only for them to give excuses. You’d punch them right in the face - NOT really.

Step 6: Risk Reversal

Risk Reverse Your Offer Without Breaking The Bank. A good guarantee can help you penetrate any market even if you don't have a brand presence. We all know new products are hard to sell. But never worry. Use a satisfaction guarantee, money-back guarantee, free-trial, or even tripple moneyback guarantee to show confidence in your offer.

Step 7: Trust The Process

Mohamed Ali Aguel, a multimillionaire and eCommerce influencer, hired me to write sales pages and advertorials to sell viral products.

  • First, it's a FREE Consultation that will critically help you identify BIG opportunities.
  • Secondly, your writer should ask many questions especially on your target demographics. This is a long survey. Most people skip this process. 
  • Third, the writer gets a first draft, client sends a deposit.
  • Finally, get a graphic designer to add visuals to the copy, and run advertorials to the sales page.

Whether its: A sales page for an online course, A sales page for an eBook or... A sales Page for a software.

It costs thousands to grands to have this done. Yes. But the costs should pay themselves 5X-10X over. Infact, I refund my clients if they don't get a positive ROI on sales pages.

Other smart marketers are making people read every word. For that reason, all the money goes to them. With a sales page, You Don't Need Follow-Ups To Make A Sale: No follow ups or email lists. Or abandoned carts, or advanced automation.

If you needed them then the sales page didn't do a good job. Are you sick and tired of following up on leads who don't buy? Consider a hard-hitting sales page.

I talk about more tips on increasing conversion rates through my eBook: 3 Tested Tips To Scale Content Marketing.

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