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The Lock-Down Blog: CopyTecher Covid 19 Response

By Guru Lwanga

April 23, 2020

From Guru Support:

Covid 19 has struck the world like a storm. Humans are rating it on a scale they’ve never seen before. They’ve never seen the black plague, which killed half the world. They’ve never seen massacres. They’ve never seen 25,000 people die everyday due to hunger.

I’m writing this so that friends get confidence. That clients get clarity. That partners get focus. That readers get understanding.

Many info marketers are preaching “Disaster Proof” tactics. They want to take your money, so they may teach you how to handle a disaster they’ve never handled.

They forget the world top 10 richest people lost over 100 billions combined – in one week. How about medium and small businesses?

Listen carefully. When disaster strikes, no business profits. Read that again. However, the righteous will be saved from snaring death. That comes from the bible: Proverbs.

This leads me to a crucial point…

Have The Right Mindset

There’s time for everything. We don’t expect a boom all time. There’s always a time to plant, a time to weed, a time to harvest, and a time for drought.

You’ll need huge stock to help you get through the drought.

I’m not talking about food. You need a lot of mental strength. That’s why I’m writing.

Here Is How You Can Handle Emerging Covid19 Issues:

1. Help! I’m Lonely: Feeling lonely? In your own mind! We think being around friends makes us happy. But friends cause 90% of our troubles. And even depression. How many times have you been with friends? Haven’t you quarreled with friends?

First, understand friends aren’t the cause of your loneliness. Instead, blame your emotions. You can’t be happy all the time. So when loneliness strikes, accept it. Walk with it to the kitchen. Sleep with it. Ask loneliness to accompany you wherever you go. You were born alone. Even though doctors and your mother were around, you were alone. You’ll also fight death alone. On your deathbed, though people might be around, you’ll fight death alone. That’s called brass ball reality.


2. Help! I’m Hungry: If you got both hands and legs, you shouldn’t sleep hungry. Work and sweat will bring bread on the table. Look at your options. You either work and eat, or you sit there and continue being hungry. If the birds of the sky have no intelligence like you. But they get food. How about a healthy human? When you’re hungry you’ll think. Think of new ways of income.

3. Help! I Don’t Have Any Money To Pay Bills: You either get money to pay bills, or you avoid the bills. You don’t need the bills when you have infinite options. The human brain is wired to have black and white thinking. We think in terms of good and bad. Win or lose. Life and death. Black and white. But a dynamic world presents more options. You have temporary and permanent options. Brainstorm solutions and be flexible.

4. Help! My Relative Is Trapped In A Lockdown: You’re the most important person in this world. Trouble happens when you start loving your relative more than you love God. If the relative asked for your help, you can take risk. All in all, view things from God’s perspective. Not yours. There’s a reason for everything.

5. Help! My Business Is Falling, What Should I Do? It’s like saying, I’m hungry should I eat? I’ve fallen down should I wake up? The boat is capsizing should I take a life jacket? Failing isn’t an issue. The problem is falling haphazardly. If your business is falling, save yourself like a hare from a hungry lion. Like a dove from a falcons’ paws. During this difficult time, aim to break even. Aim to reduce expenses. COVID19 could mean free time. Time for incubation, interviews, networking or product development. Don’t aim to go to mars when you don’t know how to wash your hands. It’s time to get the fundamentals fixed.

6. Help! I’m A Potato Couch: Because of this long break, people have a reason for inaction. They sit on the couch like a sack of Irish potatoes...Watching news and playing video games. Just remember you may not notice the difference now. In one day, you’ve wasted time. How about the compounding effect in 2 months, 6 months, 6 years? It will be total disaster. Quantify the level of disaster that comes as a result of your inaction. Then accept no excuses and take action.

7. Help! I Lost My Job: You may not need another job. Because it has already messed you. Insanity is going back to the same troubles. What did we do when we were once rejected by the mainstream media? We became the mainstream media. Similarly, think of becoming a job creator.

8. Help! I’m Bill Gates: Bill Gates doesn’t need our help. Keyboard warriors listen carefully. You go out there complaining about a lab virus, Bill Gates conspiracy, 666 and illuminati. You find facts, and spend your time linking up unrelated facts. There’s a term for it. Apophenia. If your life is miserable, don’t blame anyone. Don’t blame any country. What have you done for the world lately? Think about what you can do for the world.

What Bill Gates has done speaks for itself. It’s beyond anyone’s imagination. Only Jeff Bezos and their level can understand. Sometimes it’s not your fault.

In conclusion, think about your future. Have short-term plans for the next 3 months, 6 months. Goals will keep you moving. Remember to keep them realistic. What was realistic 3 months ago is no longer realistic for the next 3 months.

Please Take More Care. We’re all together in this difficult time.

P.S: For those who always ask me, what will happen in the future? When will I graduate? When will I earn stable income? You now understand why I always say, I Don’t Know. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Use this time to do the best of your ability.

Wishing You A Healthy Living,

Your Second Master,

Guru Lwanga

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