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Hi! I also specialize in the following media formats:

1. Guest Posts, Blog Writing and SEO.

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2. Landing Pages and Sales Pages

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3. White Papers and eBooks

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4. Technical Writing

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5. ADs and Advertorials

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GURU LWANGA Is a Published Author

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GURU LWANGA Supports Various Causes

A webmaster at Jesus! My Lover - A site dedicated to helping the youth, achieve union with God. I'm also open for volunteer opportunities that support these causes: 

  • Christian Spirituality
  • Youth Development
  • Science and Technology
  • Women & Pro-Life

Interviews and Podcasts

MOSTLYBLOGGING: How To Be A Successful Freelance Content Writer

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Speaking Engagements

SEO FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: Simple Tweaks, Quality Traffic

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Case Studies 

  • Cold eMail campaign for a Marketing firm: 56% Open rate, 5% Positive reply rate. CASE STUDY COMING SOON
  • Advertorials for a 6 figure eCommerce campaign: With 10% CTR and 17.5% Conversion rate. CASE STUDY COMING SOON.
  • Link-Building marketing campaign for several clients in a content marketing agency. Over 100k visits per month. CASE STUDY COMING SOON.
  • Access Insider Resources FREE For club members.
  • Monthly Videos featuring most successful Tech  Marketers.
  • TOP SECRETS we feel guilty sharing in public.
  • Build Better Business Connections with like-minded experts.
  • FAST-ACTION Productivity Templates for various needs.
  • Accountability follow-ups and free audits of your marketing and campaigns.
  • And much more...

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